We are a Digital Consultancy Agency supporting novel business models in the Circular Economy, Sustainability
and Waste Management Sectors

We are now working on an online platform to identify whether a particular waste management contractor has a valid permit
to collect and manage waste in the EU

Integrating a Balanced Mix of Open and Proprietary Data

Real-time Business Financial Data and Analytics
Waste Compliance Data
Aggregated data offer valuable support for user decisions on the go, based on price, time, distance
Transport rates and delivery time calculation
Indicative Material Pricing Recent secondary commodity market price

Data Analysis & Visualisation

Getting intelligence from data and translate into business advantage
Interactive Data visualisation to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users

Unique Features

Material Quality Assessment

The platform will feature a material quality assessment solution to connect buyers and providers.
The assessment will provide standardised information on the quality and specification of the materials.
Live video streaming will be available to make virtual audits of the material.

Compliance Check

The compliance assured trading system will interrogate the public domain register databases to check their status and confirm the credentials of parties to perform a trade.

Transport Cost

Live information on the geographical position of the mobile device to have local access to material and optimize transport cost.

Material Map Browser

Simple, clean, fast, intuitive, reliable interface to provide a great user experience.

User Categories

Local Authorities
Waste Industry
Sorters / Material Recovery Facilities
Industrial Pre and Re-Processors